Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mindless Chatter

When you turn your head and see nothing but a pathetic excuse for a human being,
do you run?
Should we all run in hope for a better reality?

In this civilisation, this highly evolutionised society of ours,
can we ever really be free?
We give ourselves purpose,
but for the most of us,
we will never really be anything.

We are all ugly.

Saying the word 'world' makes one want to top themselves,
because really - our world is nothing;
a bunch of groupies following around governments.

Everyone knows we have fucked up - and everyone includes myself.

Depression; people cant get out of bed in the morning,
cant stand the sight of themselves,
they hurt themselves,
they tie nooses around their necks,
they jump,
they bleed,
they know they have, the world has - all made mistakes.

Its all pretty fucked up.

'Fuck Up' sounds so blunt and crass but in my delirious,
depressive state its the first thing that my hand moves to write.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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