Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ask Why

We all dream, of a better future, fantastical times,
Our search for reason leaves us questioning our beliefs,
Do we search for truth, or fall short, and become satisfied with a commodity -
a culture, religion, gang or cult.

Is it our human instinct to crave a higher power,
are we in need of some moral hierarchy,
or is this how we have been bred?

Governments and religion live and breathe via us,
they set laws, ideals, morals and punishment,
we follow them because we are scared,
ill-motivated and lazy,
stupid and blind
-we dont react, we simply inhale.

We need to have belief, and we feel comfortable within control,
we are a society drained of creative thought,
we listen to what we are told,
and see what we are shown.

Only the minority; looks further,
forms opinions,
and searches for more
- we are not a group, cult, or culture
we are just people,
who took a moment to wonder,
and ask why.

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