Sunday, January 30, 2011

To fall in love much to easily.

You triggered my sense of reality
you gave me hope for better
you were my new love
and I severed old loves, old truths
and promises, for you.

Only to discover that you may have only been a symbol,
a symbol of excitement, promise and truth; that I am constantly chasing...
Im searching for that.
You werent it.
You arent who I imagined.
You wont love me.

I want to breathe in happiness, stare love in the eyes and feel...
real love.
But it doesnt come easy,
and chasing my own heart seems to get me in alot of trouble.
So is the saying true 'follow your heart'

Addiction comes in many forms
And sometimes even your closest friends cant see it

I no longer want to feel like a crazy person
I no longer want to struggle
I want peace
good sex
and loads of laughs.
But you cant have all of that, no one gets it all right?

Come find me,
make everything alright,
dont make it hard,
just show me your love.

written on the 11th of July, 2010

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